October, 12-16, 2020

Business growth and sustainability at CRIF Digital Week 2020

More than 70 speakers, 22 hours live with business innovators from any device, and 3 daily streams: once again this year, the CRIF Finance Meeting, this time in digital format, is confirmed as the reference event for the Italian finance market.

This year’s CRIF Finance Meeting, now in its ninth edition, became CRIF Digital Week; a week of virtual events keeping participants up-to-date on market trends and innovations. Growth and sustainability were the common theme of the event – as underlined by the claim chosen for this edition – which brought together Banking, Near Banking, Insurance and Fintech players, with the aim of sharing challenges and drivers to accelerate and govern change, toward sustainable business growth.

5 days of live streaming events with the participation of more than 70 speakers from institutions, academia, large banks, insurance companies, consumer credit and leasing companies, and CRIF ecosystem partners.

From October 12 to 16, every day at the same time, 3 daily streams were broadcast, discussing the frontiers of technological innovation and data augmentation, and the opportunities created by open business and the ecosystem economy.

All this with very high viewing figures with peaks equal to twice the number of credit companies in Italy, testifying to the significant interest in the topics and experiences discussed directly by market players.


The Banking & Near Banking stream, broadcast daily from 9.30am to 11.00am, looked at the evolution of the new context through success stories from the banking, leasing, and consumer credit markets.

It began on Monday, October 12 with a welcome from Silvia Ghielmetti, General Manager of CRIF, who then passed the floor to Simone Capecchi, Executive Director of CRIF and chairman of the first two sessions, for a day on “Sustainable growth in the next normal era”. The speakers were Vito di Bari, Innovation Designer, Umberto Filotto, Professor of Financial Intermediation and Insurance Area at SDA BOCCONI, Gianfranco Torriero, ABI Deputy Director, and Luigi Macchiola, Director General of ASSILEA.

During the live streaming event on Tuesday, October 13, the theme was Open Business in the era of “prosumers” (producer + consumer), with speeches by Frederik Geertman, Chief Commercial Officer and Deputy General Manager of UBI BANCA - INTESA SANPAOLO GROUP, Giorgio Orioli, CEO of SELLA PERSONAL CREDIT, Stefano Cioffi, Head of Digital Services and Open Banking at BANCO BPM, Fabio Mucci, Head of Small Business & Financing Products at UNICREDIT, and Daniele Savarè, Innovation and Business Solutions Director at SIA.

On Wednesday, October 14, the live streaming event, moderated by David Pieragostini, Executive Director at CRIF, entitled “Being efficient in light of increasing rules, technical constraints and customer expectations”, saw presentations by Paolo Chiaverini, Head of Group Banking Operations at UNICREDIT, Giuseppe Codamo, Head of Onboarding Customer Journey and KYC Operations at BNL – BNP PARIBAS GROUP, Fabrizio Cristina, Vice President, Head of BSM - Cards Issuing & Acquiring at DEUTSCHE BANK, Paolo Sacco, Head of Organization and COO of BANCA CARIGE, Paola Galassi, Global B2B Services Executive Director at CRIF, and Piero Della Giustina, Data Science Lead at HOMETRACK.

The program continued on Thursday, October 15, with the live streaming event “Ecosystem + eco-sustainability = eco-banking”, moderated by Elena Mazzotti, Chief Strategy & Innovation Finance Market at CRIF, with talks by Massimo Tessitore, Head of Digital Business Partner BdT, Private, Retail Products and Digital Channels at INTESA SANPAOLO, Marco Preti, Chief Executive Officer of CRIBIS, Matteo Tarroni, Chief Executive Officer of WORKINVOICE, Luca Bertalot, Secretary General of the European Mortgage Federation (EMF) and European Covered Bond Council (ECBC), Gianluca Natalini, Manager of CRIF Real Estate Services, Marco Colombo, Sole Director of QUIBONUS, and Loris Di Bernardo, Head of Market Department at CIVIBANK.

The streaming of Digital Week ended on Friday, October 16, with the session “Credit risk: how long until a vaccine?”, moderated by Andrea Resti, Professor of Market Economics and Financial Intermediaries at BOCCONI UNIVERSITY and CRIF Senior Advisor, during which presentations were given by Valerio Rodilossi, Head of Credit and Operational Risks at BPER BANCA, Fernando Metelli, Chief Risk Officer - Head of Risk & Control Management at ALBA LEASING, Angelo Scatigna, Director of Customer Solutions at FINDOMESTIC, Marco Zamara, Head of Credit Analytics & Data, Central Credit Governance Department, Governance Area, Chief Lending Officer at INTESA SANPAOLO, and Gianluca Massimei, General Manager of NEXTLEGAL and member of ITechLaw - International Technology Law Association.


Another new feature of this edition of CRIF Digital Week was Insurance Digital Week, live streaming every day from 11.30am to 1pm, with updates on mega trends, challenges, and technological and process developments that are redesigning the present and future of the insurance industry.

The 5 sessions were chaired by Giuseppe Dosi, Head of Insurance at CRIF.

It began on Monday, 12 October with a welcome from Carlo Gherardi, Chairman and CEO of CRIF, who then handed over to Dosi for a session focusing on “Growth and sustainability in the insurance market: how to achieve the perfect combination”, with speeches by Maria Bianca Farina, President of ANIA, Alessandro Castellano, CEO of ZURICH ITALY, Frédéric De Courtois, General Manager of GENERALI ASSICURAZIONI, Matteo Laterza, General Manager of UNIPOLSAI, Alessandro Santoliquido, CEO of AMISSIMA ASSICURAZIONI, and Alberto Tosti, CEO of SARA ASSICURAZIONI.

The session on Tuesday, October 13 focused on new mobility models and the evolution of car insurance, with speeches by Matteo Sergio Savaresi, lecturer at POLIMI, Filippo Sirotti, Senior Director Offering Development at CRIF, Renzo Avesani, Group Innovation Officer at UNIPOLSAI, Antonio Bagetta, CEO of CONTE.it, Maurizio Pescarini, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of GENERTEL, and Pierpaolo Cristaudo, Director of Data Science Business Applications at CRIF.

The session on Wednesday, October 14 was on “Technological innovation and digitalization to reduce the Protection Gap of SMEs”, with presentations by Giampiero Bergami, CEO of BANCA POPOLARE DI BARI, Elisabetta Di Luca, Principal Offering Development – Insurance Market at CRIF, Alessandro Curioni, Founder of DI.GI. ACADEMY and lecturer at the CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF MILAN, Andrea Nicelli, Cyber Manager and Technology Industry Practice Leader at CHUBB, and Sara Costantini, Managing Director of CRIF Decision Solutions UK & Ireland.

The event continued on Thursday, October 15 with the live streaming of “Open Insurance: what ecosystems for the insurance business?”, with talks by Paolo Gatelli, Senior Research Manager at CETIF, Simone Ranucci Brandimarte, Founder and President of the ITALIAN INSURTECH ASSOCIATION, Fabrizio Cardinali, Chief Innovation Officer of VITTORIA HUB, Filippo Sirotti, Senior Director Offering Development at CRIF, and Norberto Odorico, Claims Director at UNIPOLSAI.

CRIF Insurance Digital Week ended on Friday, October 16, with “The data-driven company: how data is revolutionizing the Value Chain”. Presentations were given by Pierpaolo Cristaudo, Director of Data Science Business at CRIF, Gianfranco Baldinotti, Chief Marketing Officer of VITTORIA ASSICURAZIONI, Roberto Giordano, Non-Life Director at HDI ASSICURAZIONI, Antonio Deledda, Credit Bureau Director at CRIF, and Matteo Squadrani, Manager of the CRIF Data Science Business Team.


The Finance Legacy Transformation stream, broadcast every day from 5.30pm to 6.30pm, was an opportunity for “One2one talks”: conversations and discussions with special guests from Italian banking, on the optimization of the credit value chain connected to the transformation of Information Technology systems. The chairman of the sessions was David Pieragostini, Executive Director at CRIF.

It began on Monday, October 12 with Giovanni Damiani, General Manager of CONSORZIO OPERATIVO GRUPPO MPS, in a conversation entitled “Legacy transformation. Between necessity and opportunity”.

On Tuesday, October 13, Luca Montagnini, Deputy Chief Information Officer at CRÉDIT AGRICOLE, presented the point of view of their business in a conversation on “Legacy transformation and multi-channels”.

On Wednesday, October 14, Mauro Torelli, Chief Information Officer of CREDEM, spoke in a session on “Data-driven: internal and external data quality management”.

On Thursday, October 15, Pieragostini chaired an informative conversation between level 1 and 2 banks, with Davide Raitano, CRIF's Corporate Chief Information Officer.

On Friday, October 16, a session on the “Importance of a vision and roadmap” was held with Milo Gusmeroli, Deputy General Manager and Chief Information Officer of BANCA POPOLARE DI SONDRIO, who reported on the experience of the parent company of a national banking group.


CRIF Digital Week also had two extra sessions: the first of these took place on Tuesday, October 13, in collaboration with the Milan Fintech District. “The API-fication program as an enabler of the ecosystem business model” involved speakers such as Mico Curatolo, Program Manager of FINTECH DISTRICT, Natalia Shchelovanova, Global Innovation and Ecosystem Lead at CRIF, Massimo Gentilini, IT Solutions Area Director at CRIF, and Gianluca De Cobelli, Founder & CEO of YOLO.

On Wednesday, October 14, it was the turn of the international best practice session, with speakers from top European financial players and talks by Radu Topliceanu, Deputy Chief Executive Officer – Head of Retail Banking of BRD – GROUP SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE, Maja Mikic, Executive Director for Digital Transformation Retail Banking at BRD – GROUP SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE, and Leda Napolitano, Head of Key Clients and innovative Data-Driven Solutions at CRIF.