Zurich, September 25, 2019

Record high: 97% of online traders affected by fraud in Switzerland

CRIF AG, in collaboration with the VSV Verband des Schweizerischen Versandhandels, has carried out a survey of Swiss online and mail-order companies on the subject of fraud. 97% of all the traders questioned declared that they had been affected by fraud on at least one occasion in the past. This represents an increase of 4.6% compared with the previous year.
49.3% of those taking part in the survey either said that the level of fraud had increased, or that it had increased sharply in comparison with 2018. This is over 3% more than was reported in last year’s survey. 38.8% of those questioned reported very little change compared with the previous year.

Increase in amounts lost
Most of those questioned estimated that their maximum losses would have been under CHF 5,000. Nevertheless, the volume of losses between CHF 5,000 and CHF 25,000 had risen in comparison with 2018. In the case of losses between CHF 5,000 and CHF 10,000 this rise amounted to +7.7%, while there was also an increase of +2.8% in losses between 10,000 and 25,000. More than 6% of the online traders stated that the losses represented over 2% of their turnover.

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