Hamburg, November 4-9, 2019

Fintech Week 2019 – CRIF BÜRGEL was part of it!

CRIF BÜRGEL attended Fintech Week, which took place from November 4 to 9 in Hamburg. During the event, which is the biggest in Germany in the sector, CRIF BÜRGEL hosted the "Be smart against fraud" event at its own offices in Friesenweg. On Monday evening, around 50 interested people visited the CRIF BÜRGEL offices, and participated in four fraud-focused presentations, which lasted 90 minutes.

After a welcome speech by moderator Kerstin Valet (Head of CRIF BÜRGEL Marketing & Communication), Henry Georges from LKA Hamburg - a special police unit - started his presentation on the current problems related to cybercrime. He gave a very hands-on description of current cases on the topics of CEO and Payment Diversion Fraud. In addition, Mr Georges explained how companies can protect themselves against these types of fraud and what investigation options LKA has.

Kathrin Schreiber - CRIF BÜRGEL Data Scientist - followed with her presentation on Machine Learning. She showed how machine learning can be used as a tool against application fraud and what advantages it has over rule-based systems.

Bruno Mortier from BDO – an auditing company in Germany - gave an interesting presentation with many practical examples. The Forensic, Risk & Compliance manager warned against dealing too openly with personal data on the Internet and gave examples of how fraudsters can easily obtain e-mail addresses, passwords and other data.

Stefan Schetter (Director of Business Development and Sales at CRIF Credit Solutions GmbH) concluded the session by demonstrating how video identification can be used in the digital application process to prevent fraud.

In addition, Majid Mahmood (CRIF BÜRGEL) showed a live demo of exclusive insights into the new Risk & Fraud Prevention Suite from CRIFBÜRGEL.