Bucharest, 22 May, 2019

CRIF speaks at the 10th Credit Risk Management Conference in Romania

ICAP Romania, in cooperation with CYCLE European, both members of the ICAP group of companies, the largest Business Information and Consulting group in Southeast Europe, organized the 10th Credit Risk Management Conference in Romania.

This year’s discussions revolved around a decade marked by challenges, economic crisis, increased inflation, monetary fluctuations and uncertainty.

How Romanian companies have managed credit risk over the last ten years and what the current economic situation is in the context of automation and digitization of products and services are just some of the topics discussed at the conference.

CRIF and other international keynote speakers shared their experiences, enabling debates and brainstorming on Credit Risk issues. In particular, Marcella Antolini, EMEA Business Development Director, gave a speech about “Organic Growth by Optimized Efficiency: Industry 4.0 digital transformation journey”. She talked about how CRIF could help banks face new challenges and create solid value by combining a unique mix of capabilities. More in detail, the speech focused on how CRIF enables:

  • Effective credit and risk management across the entire lifecycle
  • Straightforward management of the regulatory framework & credit processes
  • Digital transformation processes by providing sales automation along the entire customer journey
  • Customers to be offered best-in-class financial management tools based on access to accounts and CRIF analytics
  • Enhancement of the knowledge of customers to give them the right offers at the right time.