Nicosia, June 11, 2019

CRIF speaks at the 1st Credit Risk Management Conference in Cyprus

CRIF was invited to speak at the 1st Credit Risk Management Conference in Cyprus, organized by ICAP Cyprus, a member of the ICAP group of companies, the largest Business Information and Consulting Group in Southeast Europe. The event took place on June 11, 2019, at the Hilton Park Hotel, Nicosia.

With presentations from renowned international and local experts, the conference provided insights into the trends and best practices in Credit Risk Management as well as the power of data in managing risk.

Besides the content-rich agenda, this inaugural event offered the opportunity to build a professional network and to share knowledge, experience, ideas and information. It provided a dynamic environment to discuss future directions, best practices and stories about successful collaborations.

In particular, Claudio Sangiorgi, EMEA Business Development Manager, gave a speech on “Organic Growth by Optimized Efficiency: Industry 4.0 digital transformation journey”. He talked about how CRIF could help banks face new challenges and create solid value by combining a unique mix of capabilities. More in detail, the speech focused on How banks can capture disruption and turn it to their advantage through:

  • Big data and an AI platform to categorize, identify and boost digital clients
  • Advanced analytics and forward-looking models to scout for and maintain the best clients
  • Completely digital on-boarding processes to give a simple customer experience
  • Data-driven dynamic solutions and services to redefine the business model tailored to target clients