Krakow, April 16, 2019

Getin Noble Bank partners with CRIF to strengthen its credit decision processes

In today’s competitive business environment, it is crucial to take fast decisions while carefully measuring the risk of each transaction. This is particularly true for the banking industry, whose clients are constantly increasing their expectations in terms of service quality and time to yes when applying for a banking product.

For this reason, the second largest bank controlled by Polish capital, GETIN NOBLE BANK, has decided to team up with CRIF, an international leader in credit and business information, predictive analytics and solutions. The goal of their partnership is to introduce a seamless omni-channel lending experience, increase the efficiency of the bank’s credit processes, and provide a unified approach to credit risk management.

GETIN NOBLE BANK has selected CRIF’s StrategyOne solution, which will allow the bank to automate and standardize its decision processes, reduce credit risk, and at same time provide a faster and better customer experience. By using StrategyOne, GETIN NOBLE BANK will be able to autonomously configure its own credit strategies and fully automate both granting and monitoring processes.

The StrategyOne decision engine system is currently used by 140 customers worldwide and is the result of CRIF’s many years of experience and in-depth knowledge within the credit risk management area.

“GETIN NOBLE BANK ran a careful analysis of potential partners in its transformation efforts. We decided to choose CRIF based on the flexibility and proven reliability of StrategyOne, which we hope to leverage in our upcoming projects”, said Marcin Romanowski, CRO of GETIN NOBLE BANK S.A.

“CRIF is proud to have been selected by GETIN NOBLE BANK as its key partner for the implementation of this strategic project. This agreement combines the strategic vision of GETIN NOBLE BANK towards innovation with the unique capabilities and global best practices of CRIF in Credit Risk Management”, commented Silvia Ghielmetti, Managing Director of CRIF S.P.A.