Milan, March 12, 2019

Global Technologies was invited to the most important event Amazon of the year dedicated to cloud solutions

On March 12, the most important event of the year dedicated to the Amazon Web Service (AWS), one of the most significant cloud platforms in Italy, was held in Milan. CRIF Global Technologies, the CRIF IT division, was invited to take part as expert speaker in a session on the integration between Microsoft tools and the resources made available by AWS.

Luigi Di Camillo, IT Software Solution Architect at CRIF, gave a talk on “From on-premises to Amazon Web Services cloud platform”. The key element of the talk was the successful experience in using this platform, chosen by CRIF for the implementation of its “Business Information Framework” project, focusing on the Southeast Asian market. In particular, Luigi explained to the audience how the migration occurred gradually and in stages in order to maintain the service functions, designed for on-premises installation, including on the Amazon platform. The key benefits were also highlighted, such as the improved user experience on the front-end and the continuous integration and continuous delivery procedures. Thanks to the use of these technologies, CRIF is going to improve the user experience and streamline the management project even more.