Hamburg, October 9, 2018

Successful market launch of the b.ONE web portal - Pilot customers show themselves impressed

b.ONE - b.NEW - b.EXCITED - this is the motto for the b.ONE web portal presented by CRIFBÜRGEL. In the context of the market launch of b.ONE, the information portfolios were optimized and modern risk management services expanded.

b.ONE is the new access to the CRIFBÜRGEL reporting products for risk management

With the roll-out of b.ONE on October 1, CRIFBÜRGEL customers and new customers will immediately benefit from an innovative and modern system for managing their business risks with their national and international B2B and B2C customers.

Based on intuitive usability and a modern user interface with many new services, b.ONE primarily offers optimized functionalities for B2B2C risk management. In addition to access to customized notification types, including SkyMinder for international products, b.ONE offers optional research and monitoring according to individual customer needs. The search is based on the innovative technologies and analysis competencies available in CRIFBÜRGEL, which offers auto-completion with an indication of the probability of a match. "With b.ONE, we are moving the next step into the future and creating the basis for bundling our strengths from the B2B and B2C data world in one portal for B2B2C solutions. In b.ONE, we have combined our strengths in data as well as our technological and analytical competencies under a new roof. The profiteers are clearly our customers," says CRIFBÜRGEL Managing Director Ingrid Riehl about the introduction of b.ONE. "Our pilot customers were impressed by the new web portal. They particularly emphasized the clear presentation of the products, the self-explanatory search with auto-completion as well as the fresh and modern design," adds Riehl.