Hamburg, May 9, 2018

Smart Credit Manager is on tour - Next tour stop Malta

CRIF launches "TheSmartCreditManager" on tour. "TheSmartCredit Manager" is a series of presentations and keynote speeches at events and webinars on credit management. The next tour stop of the lecture series "TheSmartCreditManager" is this year's FECMA Congress in Malta. On 16 and 17 May 2018, FECMA (The Federation of European Credit Management Associations) will host the pan-European Credit Management Congress. The FECMA Congress is the event that no entrepreneur from the financial sector, CFO and credit manager should miss. For two days, the focus in Malta will be on credit management, credit risk and cash flow management.

Stephan Glismann-Bringmann (CICP), Director Credit Management Solutions at CRIF Credit Solutions GmbH, will give a presentation on Malta in the series TheSmartCreditManager "Let your reports shine" and show why interactive reports simplify the work of a credit manager. "The role of credit managers is often underestimated in companies. We want to support credit managers and make their daily work easier. After all, they play a key role in companies between sales and customers," says Stephan Glismann-Bringmann. "In order to guarantee this support optimally we have launched "CREDITY - Next Level Credit Management". This is a new CRIF SaaS solution for national and international credit management for B2B portfolios," explains Glismann-Bringmann.

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