Growing in CRIF: successful completion of the Project Management Professional Certification course

Eleven CRIF Project Managers with at least 3 years' experience in the role – 9 in Italy and 2 abroad – were put forward for Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification, the most influential and recognized project management reference on a global level for Project Managers. Obtaining it is a guarantee that a PM knows how to structure their models and processes, as well certifying that they have the operational ability to use the approaches and tools. To obtain PMP Certification, a PM must meet the basic requirements, both educational and professional, take a 35-hour training course, as well as specific training on recommended specialist texts, with practical exercises and simulations. At the end there is an exam covering the skills acquired. At the initial stage of the process, PMs were identified with the characteristics and prerequisites that meet the requirements of the Project Management Institute, and an initial needs analysis was carried out by the PM's superior and reference HR Business Partner.

CRIF financed the whole course for each candidate, and through HR offered ongoing support, following the candidates' progress and listening to feedback.

For more information: hrtraining@crif.com