Hamburg, November 2018

CRIF BÜRGEL tenancy certificate to prove creditworthiness and financial reliability

CRIF BÜRGEL is now offering a tenancy certificate as proof of creditworthiness and financial reliability. The certificate provides information that is relevant to landlords in a clear, reliable and quick way, making it easier for prospective tenants to get the property they are looking for.

"In 2017, 7.2 million people moved to Germany. Competition among potential tenants is becoming ever greater and the decision-making criteria increasingly opaque. In this context, we need objective and credible intermediaries who can help bring both sides together in an uncomplicated and reliable way and create fair opportunities for all potential tenants," explained Eugenio Bonomi, Managing Director of CRIF BÜRGEL GmbH.

The tenancy certificate is issued online at the request of the prospective tenant at: Only the information that is really relevant to the landlord is processed and used to create the tenancy certificate. CRIF BÜRGEL draws on the existing creditworthiness data and payment experiences of the prospective tenant. In addition, the prospective tenant can use his or her online bank account to provide proof of rental payments and income over the last six months. In this way, the informational value of the tenancy certificate can be increased and the type of information used is completely transparent. What’s more, the costs of photocopies are no longer necessary. This option is not mandatory for the issue of a tenancy certificate.

The certificate is issued after the video identification of the prospective tenant, and the document is also protected against forgery through a confirmation code. The evaluation is completely transparent for the prospective tenant and offers security to both parties - the tenant and the landlord. The certificate can easily be requested online and is directly available as a PDF document. The new tenancy certificate can also be called up on the move so that customers can access it anytime, anywhere. Thus, a prospective tenant can provide the landlord with a fast, reliable certificate during a property viewing.