Hamburg, April, 2018

CRIF strengthens its presence in the credit solutions field in Germany

CRIF has established a new company in Germany - CRIF Credit Solutions GmbH - to strengthen its credit solutions business line in the market. Located in Hamburg, CRIF Credit Solutions GmbH aims to enhance CRIF’s solution portfolio in the German market, strengthening its leading market position in the country and bringing value to non-financial markets through the CREDITY product, and to financial services and telecommunications markets thanks to its Credit Solutions specializing in credit risk management.

As a result, CRIF Credit Solutions GmbH will provide the German market with services across the complete credit life cycle. The “CRIF Credit Framework” - CRIF’s value proposition - provides a strong solution portfolio covering the end-to-end credit value chain, from consultancy and advanced analytics, to digital framework and complex software solutions. Natalia Shchelovanova, CRIF Regional Director, leads the overall team, which consists of German-speaking professionals specializing in the areas of analytics, project delivery, and consultancy, sales and business development.

While the Credit Solutions team is responsible for providing credit risk and management solutions to financial and telecommunications markets, the CREDITY team offers its credit management solutions to the non-financial market. CREDITY – Next Level Credit Management is a brand new standard SaaS solution for non-financial markets, consisting of an optimized online decisioning and collaboration tool for international credit management.