CRIF interviewed by the Oxford Business Group in Jordan

In October 2017, Ahmad Amoudi, General Manager of CRIF Jordan, was interviewed by the Oxford Business Group on local credit market issues and on how the credit bureau is working to improve the lending environment.
The credit bureau was established in Jordan last year thanks to the commitment of banks and the support received from the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ).

Amoudi explained how local banks have been highly receptive and cooperative, showing a great understanding of the challenges associated with access to credit in the country, specifically with regard to small and medium-sized enterprises. Also, the process of extending credit to small businesses is complicated and needs to be made more efficient; in fact the purpose of the bureau is not only to make most of this information accessible to credit providers within a centralized one-stop shop, but also to encourage all credit companies to contribute to its database.

Read the full interview to find out more about how the credit bureau strengthens the financial services sector and improves transparency, and how it helps facilitate access to credit for small businesses in Jordan.