CRIF creates ‘Saver & Spender’: consumer savings education is turned into an app

This initiative is further proof of the attention paid by CRIF, as an independent third party, to financial education and to providing information to citizens who are new to the credit market.

Specifically, the main objectives that inspired the content of the Saver & Spender app are as follows:
  • To develop the perception of the importance of money, without which we couldn't have everything we own, being careful to not give the message that money is the most important thing;
  • To put forward the need to manage our financial resources carefully and cautiously, indulging our desires as much as possible without going over the top;
  • To transfer the idea of the financial value of the items and services we buy or own, as well as the importance of looking after what we have;
  • To increase awareness about the concepts of saving and squandering.

There are two kids' characters in the app developed by CRIF, the Saver (better informed and cautious) and the Spender (careless and a spendthrift), where children can project habitual behavior within an imaginary space which, in reality, reflects real-life situations.
The characters are anthropomorphic and dressed as children, with symbolic elements which make them extra-terrestrial. Each has a piggy bank, which acts as a co-star in the story, highlighting individual aspects of financial education.

Saver & Spender features its own independent and parallel story, which can be chosen by the child and which develops on each page thanks to the interactive nature of the app.
Naturally, the involvement and presence of the parents is fundamental on this journey, both to create a shared educational experience and to guide the children in understanding/translating the story to bring it into their everyday lives.
From today, the app will be available to download for free from iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod) and Android (tablets and smartphones) devices.
“The Saver & Spender app was developed from the realization of the lack of awareness about financial education issues which still affect broad sections of the population,” explained Enrico Lodi, Director of CRIF Credit Bureau Services. “From here the desire to bring a concrete and innovative contribution came about, to create the foundations for a path of financial education and awareness of financial management even at school age”.
The Saver & Spender app can be downloaded directly via the following links: iOS | Android
CRIF has also developed an app for the Italian market, for smart use of the new consumer service Mettinconto365.
Using the app you can receive and read the most significant updates on your credit situation in real time, including the opening of new credit and any payment irregularities. It is also possible to understand the impact of these events of your creditworthiness score.

The Mettinconto365 app can be downloaded via the following links: iOS  | Android