Uralsib Bank doubles its application volumes and reduces its overdue loans

CLIENT: Uralsib, a major Russian financial group formed through the merger of 6 regional banks of varying sizes and business specialties.


  • Integrating and standardizing the processes within its various credit departments 
  • Long wait times for credit approval combined with a backlog of applications
  • Improve cash KPIs and reduce processing costs
  • Obtain a clear view on risk distribution of its loan portfolio
  • Launch in digital channels.



CRIF Credit Management Platform configurable products, CreditFlow for end-to-end worflow-based credit business processing, StrategyOne decision engline solutions for credit scoring and decision automation & CreditBility for enterprise reporting.


  • All lending processes were centralized onto one platform, which significantly streamlined operations
  • Application volumes grew by 100%
  • Past due reduced from 20% to 7% 
  • Faster time-to-yes and improved customer experience thanks to highly automated processes
  • KPI-focused culture with constant measurement and improvement 
  • Operational and credit risk controls with standardized credit policy.

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