Transforming compliance into a value-add for both customers and the bank

A CRIF Credit Management Platform customer, driven by local and European Union compliance and regulatory mandates, embarks on a significant overhaul of its credit risk management processes, both customer facing and in back office.

CLIENT: ČSOB, part of the KBC Group and a leading financial services provider in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

NEEDS:  New EU regulation required lenders to provide consumers with clear and consistent loan contract information from the initial application to closing. This mandate compelled ČSOB to revamp its risk management and loan pricing processes to deliver accurate terms and disclosures at every stage of the credit lifecycle.

SOLUTION: CRIF Credit Management Platform configurable products, CreditFlow for credit process management, and StrategyOne, for decision management.


  • ČSOB leverages the flexibility of CRIF's configurable products to achieve compliance goals while maintaining business continuity.  
  • Benefiting from a fast and low effort implementation, ČSOB becomes the first bank in the Czech Republic to comply with the new legislation.
  • Customer experience is improved.
  • Front office resources are freed up to focus on selling and servicing the customer.

"StrategyOne is the heart of retail credit calculation and assessment, including pre-contractual data, APR calculation and client payment capacity, for all distribution channels. All systems are connected to StrategyOne and all credit figures are calculated in only one place.

The CreditFlow process allows us to print out pre-contractual information, information from the bureau register and everything which is requested by the Directive. The CreditFlow Front-End displays to the client officer any necessary data and tries to be an advisor, helping them to follow the process thanks to the validations and information readily available to them. The implementation of the huge set of validations in the CreditFlow process allowed us to enlarge our sales force because we were able to transfer selling our simple products from credit officer or credit advisor to the fast service zone for quick transactions, since there is little training required. Using a more clever system like this, our Sales force is able to proceed with the application for a credit card or overdraft very simply without in-depth knowledge about the processing features. CreditFlow guides the user through the process keeping the risk and product parameters under system control.

CreditFlow plays a major role in the anti-money laundering process, as well as StrategyOne which receives information about the risk / acceptance profile of the client so to protect the bank from granting loans to the wrong person.

This is an important achievement after many years of collaboration with CRIF. Thanks to our effective and close cooperation which allowed us to flexibly adopt our approach we were the first in the Czech market to be in line with the EU Consumer Credit Directive.”

This case study was published by CEB TowerGroup. Get report to find out how to achieve best-in-class customer onboarding and loan origination.

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