Risk and revenue in one system

“In contrast to a commercial bank which focuses its attention mainly on historical information when granting loans, AWS, as a development bank, looks primarily at the future, weighting soft facts much higher than historical hard facts. In addition to the classical risk aspect, the standardization of the economic impact on the Austrian market should also be reflected in the rating system”, explained Agnes Schneider, Head of Risk Management/ Special Account Management of Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH.

CLIENT: Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft GmbH (AWS)

NEEDS: Development of a modern solution to integrate into one system the existing balance sheet analysis and rating with the simultaneous compatibility of economic impact and rating.

SOLUTION: With the help of CreditFlow and StrategyOne, six existing rating modules were integrated into the process-driven settlement software.

RESULTS: The business processes for assessing creditworthiness and economic impact are mapped in a system with high usability and which has led to clear, transparent and faster decision-making processes.



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