SME assessment platform: qualitative assessments, financial assessments, and scoring

Gearing up for Vision 2030, which promotes an increase in the role of SMEs in the economy to produce 35% of the GDP and increase lending to this sector to 20% of a given bank’s capital, Monsha’at turns to leveraging data and scoring to identify SME market needs, strengths, financial position, and their potential.

  • CLIENT: Monsha’at; the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority
  • NEEDS: To gather qualitative and quantitative data on enterprises in Saudi Arabia to understand SME and market needs, strengths, financial position, and their potential.
  • SOLUTIONS: CRIF's expertise in the domain of SME operations and financing; CreditFlow for data gathering, integration, and end-to-end application processing; StrategyOne for scoring and business rule management; and integration with business information and bureau data.
  • RESULTS: Better visibility of the SME environment and market; better understanding of how to match support services to SMEs in need; and creation of a data repository.

The Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority (“Monsha’at”) is the first dedicated authority in Saudi Arabia tasked with the support and development of the SME sector. Monsha’at works on initiatives that promote a culture of entrepreneurship, improved ease of doing business, increased access to funds, training, incubation and accelerator services, and support for all business areas.

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