Launch of new lending products to optimize NPL assets

How to improve the “performing” portfolio by leveraging NPL real estate assets: a multiannual business case

CLIENT – Important banking institution specializing in the management of Non-Performing Loans (NPLs)

NEEDS – To assess the profitability of launching new lending products which are secondary and complementary to the core business of NPL management

SOLUTIONS – Development of a multiannual business case through the definition of the offering, identification of target customers, and definition of positioning strategies

RESULTS – Identification of profitable scenarios on the basis of analysis of the organizational model, potential target customers, and expected revenue structure.

CRIF has been recognized as a strategic partner, since the extent of the profitability of this initiative depends on vertical knowledge of the world of credit: realistic market assessment (achievable volumes, potential competitors, macroeconomic forecasts), “operational” knowledge of origination and granting processes, correct risk measurement and related application of pricing on the basis of the evolution of rates and supplementary services.



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