Integrated and scalable solution to standardize decision engines

Following a corporate merger, it became essential for the client to standardize its information systems in order to take advantage of business synergies and to have unambiguous views on a customer level. The chosen solution was to re-engineer the Decision Engine.


The evolution of technologies and sales channels led the company to review its strategy.

The new strategy involves product diversification (Retail Finance and Personal Loans) as well as diversification of the online distribution channels.

Therefore, a project was initiated with particular emphasis on the re-engineering of the Decision Engines in order to:

  • protect the programs using scoring data so that only the Risk Department has visibility of the complete decision rules regarding the company’s Core Business.
  • respond to the development capacity desired by the Risk Department.


CLIENT - international financial group

NEEDS - to re-engineer the Decision Engine, looking for an efficient and scalable solution, integrated with its systems and with uniform approaches.

SOLUTION - solution based on the products CreditFlow - CRIF Business Process Management, and StrategyOne - the CRIF Decision Engine.

RESULTS - the project achieved the desired response times: fast and suitable for online operations. Automatic integration achieved the credit assessment quality objectives. The StrategyOne Designer tool enabled autonomy, flexibility and increased speed in the development of decision-making approaches.

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