Improving portfolio performance with a thorough, customer-centric approach

Faced with an increase in collection volumes and a high number of third party outsourcers,  Fiditalia, a Societè Gènèrale consumer finance company, needed to change their direction and approach to debt collection, in order to obtain a giant leap in performance. 

CLIENT: Fiditalia, part of Société Générale Group.


  • To improve credit portfolio performance, aligning it with the best practices of the parent company;
  • To develop the "Collection Company" through a target-driven structure;
  • To adopt a scalable management model.

SOLUTION: Complete redesign of the entire collection value chain and move towards a target-driven structure, with a complete overhaul of debt collection processes with a customer-centric approach.

The consultancy project conducted with CRIF took action on every aspect of the collection area, leaving no stone unturned: from the organizational structure to early to late monitoring processes, and selection and management of third party suppliers. 

RESULTS: Generation of bottom-line, economic value for Fiditalia through a significant reduction in risk costs, specifically:

  • 20% reduction in provisioning rate and
  • 11% decrease in variable costs.


"We chose CRIF because they offered us a versatile team, able to liaise with senior management and then work with operating teams to achieve successful results despite the challenges. CRIF personnel acted as catalyst and smoothed the relationship between the different organizational areas, from senior to operational. In addition to achieving short term results, the foundations to improve in the medium-long term were also put in place, therefore building a scalable model over time as volumes increased. What’s more, and just as important, we can say that we’ve made a significant leap in quality in terms of credit culture and performance thanks to this project, which was expertly concluded with the help of CRIF consultancy team and the use of external data – from CRIF credit reporting system- which we used in the segmentation process."

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