How Gjensidige Bank achieved innovative, digital customer onboarding

“The success of the implementation of a new credit system in the bank is dependent not only on first class systems and technology, like CreditFlow and StrategyOne, but also on the people involved in the project and their competence and commitment. The project team from CRIF has been highly solution-oriented and dedicated, and their contribution has been far beyond our expectations. Thus, we are convinced that the new system will lead to significant benefits for the bank.”

CLIENT: Gjensidige Bank ASA, launched in 2007 in Norway, is an online retail bank offering traditional bank products using a self-service concept with attractive terms and customerfriendly and simple processes that makes it easy to bank via the Web.


  • A highly automated, state-of-the-art retail origination solution; 
  • One solution for all retail credit products offered;
  • Simplified, workflow-based straight-through processing;
  • Centralized and automated risk management, including scoring and decisioning;
  • Automatic integration with the bank’s systems & databases along with fraud, bureau and government/public registries used in the origination process.

SOLUTIONS: CRIF Credit Management Platform configurable products, Creditflow for credit process management, and StrategyOne, for decision management.


  • A streamlined, easy, efficient, "green" and digital retail origination solution;
  • Quick implementation of go-live in 4 months with unsecured loans, auto loans and credit card and then 5 months after with mortgages and overdrafts; 
  • Flexible solution to adapt to change and further refine over time:
  • Processed 4-times more volumes without increasing resources.

"With the implementation of CRIF, we see improvement in several aspects of the origination solution. We see definite improvement on Time to Cash, ability to track application processing end-to-end, ability to track Underwriters productivity and performance and reduction in cost per application processed.  The CRIF solution across the bank will have significant positive impact on the capacity needed for application handling. We expect to save 50-60% on underwriting capacity."

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