Findomestic: optimization of the dealer assessment processes

Findomestic took on a new challenge in the world of business credit with the aim of expanding into the business sector, starting with car dealerships. 

Findomestic was looking for a solution to reduce the costs of credit operating processes through the construction of guided paths, to optimize customer assessment processes and dealer portfolio management.


  • CLIENT - Findomestic Banca, BNP Paribas Group
  • REQUIREMENTS - Optimization of credit approval processes, and reduction in operating costs without increasing credit risk levels
  • SOLUTION - Construction of “guided” paths to obtain automated assessment and disbursement processes using the configurable products of the CRIF Credit Management Platform
  • RESULTS - Reduction in process SLAs, more efficient sales process, and risk mitigation

“Collaboration with CRIF has enabled us to develop a new business culture and has contributed to efficiencies in the Findomestic dealer area through a project of credit assessment process optimization. Together we have created a solution which covers organization, products and the bank's processes, which after years of work purely in the consumer segment has also been achieved in the business segment, acquiring significant expertise. This expertise enables Findomestic to support the dealer network, providing efficient and effective management tools, while increasing the skills of the group”. 

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