Credit card origination strategy design and initial credit limit algorithm definition

In a highly competitive context like the Chinese Retail Credit Card market, where hundreds of banks have been struggling to increase their customer base for years, CRIF has designed a best practice origination strategy and initial credit limit algorithm to enable one of Chinese major bank to become a leading and innovative market player.

CUSTOMER – One of Chinese major banks

NEEDS – To design of an optimized Credit Card Origination Strategy and define an initial Credit Limit algorithm based on available internal and external information

SOLUTIONS - CRIF consulting based on CRIF’s international best practices tailored to the Chinese market and specific bank needs and business plan strategy; StrategyOne Decision Engine for the implementation of the designed strategy and algorithm.


Optimized strategy, mainly relying on external on-line data sources with a view to:

  • maximizing the customer experience
  • minimizing customer visits
  • minimizing the required paper documents to be provided

Optimal initial credit limit algorithm, which should achieve both sales and risk targets.


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