Attijariwafa Bank implements Credit origination strategy and scoring on retail segment

Attijariwafa Bank, a multinational Moroccan banking group, pioneers on scoring on retail segment, developed internal rating models to implement origination strategy design.

  • CLIENT - Attijariwafa Bank
  • NEEDS – To develop automated internal rating models.
  • SOLUTIONS - Internal rating models development and origination strategy design.
  • RESULTS – Highly predictive models; long check in the exploration and definition of the default status; new automated lending process.

"The mixed approach of combining quantitative and qualitative elements implemented by CRIF seems relevant for assessing credit risks in terms of the retail customers. The overall project, which integrates modelling and tooling was completed within tight deadlines, and the collaboration with CRIF helped us transfer know-how to the internal teams, allowing the Risk Management teams to take over management of the implemented scoring system.”

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