An inside look into mBanks's success and innovation

With strategy and determination along with our collaboration with CRIF, we defiantly managed to create a competitive advantage that allows us to have innovative product offerings and positive results. Fundamental ingredients are credit risk analytics and StrategyOne which offer us considerable benefits and are a cornerstone in our credit risk policy toolkit, helping grow our business, provide innovative credit products and achieve Basel compliance.”

mBank, one of the largest banks in Central and Eastern Europe known for its appealing customer experience with an innovative and streamlined customer engagement, uses CRIF's StrategyOne Decision Management software and scorecard to automate credit risk decisions for new customer and existing customers.

CLIENT: mBank is one of the largest banks in Central Eastern Europe, which operates in Poland, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.


  • Grow the customer base by entering new segments and expanding into new geographical areas;
  • Automate the credit evaluation process and improve the customer experience;
  • Be Basel-compliant.

SOLUTION: StrategyOne and Behavior Scoring optimizing decision-making for customer acquisition and management.


  • Tripling customer base;
  • 9 times increase in loan accounts;
  • Geographic expansion;
  • Compliance-readiness.

Find out how mBank enabled these results by reengineering its credit risk function and transforming its decision-making processes by leveraging CRIF’s predictive analytics and using StrategyOne, CRIF’s decision management solution, to automate decisions across the credit lifecycle.

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