A new technology framework for streamlining loan origination processes

How Intesa Sanpaolo Banka Bosna i Hercegovina integrated its solutions and adapted them to market change, regulatory requirements and internal operational needs.

CLIENT - Intesa Sanpaolo Banka Bosna i Hercegovina.

NEEDS – To speed-up the origination process with high levels of automation and integration, improving risk measurement through the use of credit scoring techniques, and leveraging monitoring tools and services.

SOLUTIONS - CRIF consulting, predictive analytics, including customized credit scores and the CRIF Credit Bureau Score, Perform, using both internal and external data via CRIF's Information Core.

RESULTS - faster, automated loan application approval processing with highly predictive scorecards and in line with Basel compliance.


"The achievement in Bosnia and Herzegovina was that we were able to launch four products managed by only one process”, said Matteo Acquaro, Business Development Manager at Intesa San Paolo headquarters. “It has been very flexible and very easy to train our branch personnel due to the fact that there is only one process, which we launched for personal loans, overdrafts, credit cards and car loans. All this was concluded in just six months, with great success”.


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