A jump in quality in integrated debt collection management

How ALD used CLever to achieve advanced governance of the entire debt collection processing cycle, with the optimum mix of automatic decisions and processing by internal players and collection agencies.

CLIENT - ALD Automotive

NEEDS - to industrialize collection agency management and integrate risk assessment and data management into acceptance, management and collection.

SOLUTION - redefinition of collection strategies, CLever platform, and reporting.

RESULT - advanced process governance; greater flexibility and reduced time-to-action and time-to-recovery; support for volume growth; and resource optimization.

In response to significantly increasing volumes and greater complexity in debt collection, ALD Automotive set the strategic objective of adopting a comprehensive debt collection solution, and chose the CRIF Credit Solutions CLever product for its ability to manage the entire debt collection process in a structured way: from the first sign of problems to legal collection, supporting the activities of both internal players and collection agencies.

  • Ensuring business continuity.jpg

    Ensuring business continuity for the BlueStep origination process

    In order to support its growth, BlueStep needed to continue to rely on a strong origination system for unsecured loans. What’s more, BlueStep’s plans also included the implementation of an origination system for mortgages.

  • sberbank.jpg

    Sberbank: The setting up of a direct bank in Germany

    With the setting up of a direct bank in Germany, an intelligent solution was sought for granting digital and mobile loans, and setting up lean and cost-efficient processes.

  • Credit policy rule optimization & consultation for a major Chinese Bank.jpg
    A major Chinese bank

    Credit policy rule optimization & consultation for a major Chinese Bank

    The aim was to integrate CRIF best practices in risk management at home and abroad based on the rich dataset accumulated by the bank over time, and to design application approval policy rules specific to the client’s needs, integrating industry best practice.

  • Risk and revenue in one system.jpg
    Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft GmbH (AWS)

    Risk and revenue in one system

    In contrast to a commercial bank which focuses its attention mainly on historical information when granting loans, AWS, as a development bank, looks primarily at the future, weighting soft facts much higher than historical hard facts.

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