Financial Institutions


Take your performance to a new peak

Set strategic goals, align them with operations and monitor performance.

N.E.O.S. CRIF New Evolution Open Suite

N.E.O.S. is an “as-a-service” suite of solutions, designed to improve the creditworthiness evaluation and seize relationship development opportunities within a credit and/or verification process (digital or non-digital) through the sophisticated use of PSD2 data.

Personal financial manager and Business financial manager

Personal financial manager (PFM) and Business financial manager (BFM) allow financial services providers to create highly personalized customer experiences and drive revenues and retention.

Process & Strategy Optimization

Putting our knowledge into practice by helping our customers analyze and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations and strategies in every phase of the credit lifecycle, from engagement and origination to customer management and debt collection.

Project Management

CRIF offers complete project management services, software and tools delivered by a dedicated team of professionals to a global market.

CRIF Credit Management Platform

​The complete software platform covering the end-to-end credit value chain with built-in best practice for effective credit and risk management. The CRIF Credit Management Platform addresses the specific set of needs of each customer, and also offers configurable products for Decision Management, Business Process Management, and Business Intelligence.


Automated decisions to leverage data & analytics.

PHYON - CRIF Phygital Onboarding

The end-to-end solution for Phygital Onboarding processes - from engagement to signing of the contract - which allows remote interaction with existing customers and prospects to perform sales processes through a user-friendly and efficient digital channel, reducing time and costs.

Non performing loans servicing

The CRIF team dedicated to the management of Non-Performing Loans, specializing in small/medium ticket, secured and unsecured portfolios.