London, 29/04/2005

The service allows insurers, compensators (and their external claims handlers) to discover previous and possibly related injuries, multiple claimants and possible fraudulent claims. Users are also able to electronically submit CRU1 forms to the Department for Works and Pensions (DWP) Compensation Recovery Unit (CRU).

From April 2005 all CRIF clients have been able to switch to the electronic messaging i.e. to exchange all principal messages with CRU including: requests for certificates and statements, notification of settlements, together with diarising facilities, saving time and money together with the opportunity to improve clients own internal processes. This fully automated end-to-end processing between compensator and CRU is being enjoyed by a number of leading Insurance companies.

Furthermore management information reporting and user management facilities are supplied as added value services to CRIF clients in a user friendly website. CACHE PI CRU Extended Messaging is available via a secured e.mail exchange via an Internet connection based on the insurance industry standard XML Data Exchange Protocol and available in the CRIF BS7799 certified environment.

CRIF CACHE PI users include many leading insurers such as AXA, Zurich, Legal and General, CIS, Allianz Cornhill, Allianz NI, Sabre, RSA, St Paul and others.