June 2022

InnovEcos, the CRIF Global Open Innovation Hub, took part in the event organized by ACCIS on June 14, 2022, with a keynote presentation on "Disruptive innovation and credit information markets".

Natalia Shchelovanova, Global Innovation & Ecosystem Lead at CRIF, and the extended team of InnovEcos Angels, Olivier Mathurin, Gabriele Graziani, and Prashant Bhardwaj, took the floor for a one-hour session full of use cases and insights on emerging innovation waves from Southeast Asia, China & Hong Kong, Italy, the Dach Region, and the USA.

During the presentation, there was a discussion on the role played by the banking and financial systems in the lifestyle economy and how the different business models are accelerating as a result of society's new needs.

The ACCIS Conference featured a series of thought-provoking discussions with entrepreneurs and cutting-edge tech innovators about the emerging credit ecosystem and the use of data, analytics, and technology in making decisions.

InnovEcos was thrilled to have the chance to share its research and expertise and discuss the innovative and disruptive topics transforming customer relations with financial and banking sectors, from open banking to superapps and the Metaverse.

Watch the video recording of InnovEcos' session

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