With more than 60,000,000 young people involved since its first edition in 2012, Global Money Week is an international event that aims to raise awareness about an all too often overlooked subject: financial education for young people. A subject that we at CRIF also want to contribute to!

What is Global Money Week?

Global Money Week is an international event launched by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) that is held every year and aims to encourage discussions and initiatives aimed at children and young people on the subject of money management.

This year’s theme is particularly topical – “Protect your money, secure your future” – and aims to focus attention on the opportunities and risks of online financial services.


CRIF’s contribution

CRIF’s commitment to financial education is reflected every year in financial education and promotion initiatives, in its participation in conferences and its presence in numerous journals.


Research and Publications

With its unique information assets and its more than 30 years’ experience in data analysis and management, CRIF conducts international research, studies and periodic surveys to understand the development of lending to households - both consumer credit and mortgages - and lending to businesses. CRIF also produces magazines and newsletters dedicated to market players, together with the development and promotion of a series of financial education and inclusion projects.

CRIF offers its knowledge for the benefit of the community to support professionals in their day-to-day activities, businesses in their strategic planning, and citizens to increase their knowledge and make informed choices. The main initiatives are:

Cybersecurity Observatory

The Observatory looks at the vulnerability of individuals and companies to cyber attacks and helps interpret the main trends concerning data exposed in open web and dark web environments, the type of information, the areas in which data traffic is concentrated, and the most exposed countries, as well as offering insights to help deal with cyber risk in a more informed way.

Credit Map

The Credit Map is an interactive study carried out by Mister Credit – the area of CRIF that deals with the development of educational solutions and tools for consumers – that provides a six-monthly comprehensive and up-to-date snapshot of the main indicators relating to the use of installment-type credit by Italian consumers. In particular, it highlights differences between areas in terms of the main credit products, the average installment, and residual exposure.


Mistercredit Blog & Newsletter

The content is published on the mistercredit.it blog and circulates through the regular newsletter on credit, data protection and online security aims to increase consumer knowledge and help them make more informed decisions.



CyberNinja is an online game designed by CRIF to raise awareness about cybersecurity. The game features a series of quizzes where young people and adults can try their hand at recognizing the many types of phishing in a fun way.


New initiatives

TornaConti: Financial Education Calendar

To help consumers "get their finances back on track," Mister Credit has come up with TornaConti, providing tips and practical advice to follow each month. Being able to effectively manage one's income and expenses, save and plan, can help consumers improve their financial situation, achieve their financial goals, and live a more peaceful and secure life.


MisterCredit Guides

The Mister Credit guides on the website provide informative and in-depth articles on a variety of topics, including Consumer Credit, Mortgages, Real Estate, Fraud and Credit Cards, and Public Credit Information.

The guides are written in clear and accessible language for everyone and aim to raise awareness among consumers on various financial issues and to help them avoid falling into online traps and scams.