• Synesgy will allow UK businesses to easily assess the ESG credentials of their entire supply chain, benchmark their performance against their specific sector, and ensure compliance with the latest international standards
  • CRIF research finds UK consumers want companies to reflect their values, with half saying they’d choose a bank based on its commitment to protecting the environment
  • The UK launch builds on Synesgy’s global presence, with a quarter of a million businesses in more 60 countries already utilizing the service to help them reach their sustainability goals
Sara Costantini, CRIF’s Regional Director for the UK & Ireland, said: Climate change is the defining challenge of our time and every one of us has to play our part in protecting the planet for future generations. For businesses this is no exception. As customers look to companies that are a force for good, it’s crucial that businesses understand both their own ESG performance and that of their entire supply chain. At CRIF, our objective is to help business navigate the complex world of ESG by utilizing data and insights. Through this, we’re helping more businesses to put ESG at the heart of their work, and we’re empowering them to play their part in charting a path towards a more sustainable future.