September 2022

CRIF is launching its platform solution CRIF.Digital in Germany, and at the same time, the company is creating a new product category: Customer-Journey-as-a-Service (CJaaS). This modular offer is aimed at enabling companies and financial institutions to optimize the digital path of their customers from the initial contact to the conclusion of the contract, entirely according to their individual needs, through identification solutions, risk assessments, fraud prevention and open banking interfaces. The company can choose the building blocks it needs and integrate them into its existing processes.

"With its scope and modularity, CRIF.Digital is a new and unique offering in Germany," explained Alessandro Laraia, Director of CRIF.Digital Sales in Germany. "At CRIF, we have long-standing experience with the individual elements of the Digital Onboarding platform, even across national borders. In parallel with the rapid increase in online business, in recent years we have observed that the need for identity verification, risk and fraud checks, and other information interfaces for closing contracts online, has been growing rapidly. CRIF.Digital is our answer to this need."

CJaaS: a future trend for many industries

Digital contracts are now the most important customer touch point for companies in many industries. In addition to e-commerce companies, banks, insurance companies, telecommunications providers, mobility companies, and digital content providers are increasingly reliant on the digital customer journey.

The digital onboarding process poses a number of challenges for providers in all these sectors. One of the biggest is actually engaging interested visitors in the contract process as customers. "Digital contract processes are always about turning prospects into customers - in other words, conversion rates. In these times of low attention spans and intense competition, the most important task for digital contract providers is therefore to make the customer experience as smooth as possible from the first contact to the conclusion of the contract. At the same time, relevant information must still be captured, and applicable regulations must be respected," continued Laraia. This is the challenge that CRIF.Digital addresses.

The platform modules are based on CRIF Group digital solutions. Through these solutions, potential customers can, for example, authenticate their identify using a smartphone camera or scan any necessary documents using their mobile device. Providers can use CRIF.Digital modules to assess their creditworthiness risks more reliably or simplify them through open banking processes. For customers, this creates a user-friendly process without media disruption or long waiting times.

More information on the product is available on the platform website: