This collaboration aims to maximize the speed and efficiency of the bank's operations, utilizing the digital Newsfeed platform. The agreement was signed by Mr. Nasfat Taha, Head of Retail Banking Services at Safwa Islamic Bank, and Ms. Areej Obeidat, General Manager of CRIF IT Solutions.

Through the newsfeed platform, the bank will be able to expedite its evaluation processes by accessing direct information and data. This platform is specialized in collecting, classifying, analyzing, and archiving all judicial advertisements, financial claims, and corporate announcements published in official and daily newspapers. Additionally, it provides comprehensive and informative profiles of various types of companies and their business activities.

In his comment, Mr. Taha stated, "This agreement reflects our efforts to integrate technology into various aspects of our operations to continuously enhance our services. It increases our ability to design new products and specialized solutions that support and facilitate financing, providing an unparalleled banking experience. At the same time, we continue to protect our banking activities and assets, minimizing financial risks, to achieve a new level of competitiveness and contribute to elevating the sector."

For her part, Ms. Obeidat emphasized the pivotal role played by CRIF IT Solutions in supporting banking institutions in developing their services. She noted that the company seeks to introduce the CRIF experience to the Jordanian market, aligning with national efforts to develop the private sector. She expressed her pride in Safwa Islamic Bank, which embraces the concept of advancing the services provided to its customers.