CRIF, a leading provider of data-based solutions and the ESG evaluation platform "SYNESGY", has made it onto this year's list of companies that have impressed with their outstanding commitment to sustainability - for the second time in a row.
The award is based on a comprehensive study commissioned by the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF Austria), and CRIF’s recognition was achieved for the development of its ESG platform, which supports companies in making their sustainability efforts transparent and measurable.
The global ESG platform "SYNESGY" was launched in 2021 and has already established itself as an important standard in ESG evaluation.

"Sustainability comes from good information management. SYNESGY enables companies to evaluate themselves in accordance with ESG criteria and also to transparently record the sustainability of their supply chain. We are delighted that our efforts to achieve a global standard in ESG evaluation and the simple, cost-effective access for everyone is also recognized with this seal of approval." commented Boris Recsey, Managing Director of CRIF Austria, adding:
"Our major concern is to give all companies worldwide the opportunity to make their sustainability measurable and transparent. This strengthens the European economy in the long term."

Global recognition for the SYNESGY ESG platform for simple sustainability assessments.
The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues are becoming increasingly important for companies.
"The importance of companies' commitment to sustainability has increased massively in recent years. Not only do customers and stakeholders expect environmental initiatives, but the legal requirements are also becoming stricter. The days of greenwashing are over. Sustainability is now an integral part of many corporate strategies." explained Axel Maireder, Managing Director of IMWF Austria.

CRIF has been working intensively on this topic since 2017 and is a partner in various EU projects and initiatives in this area.
In 2021, CRIF launched the global ESG platform, "SYNESGY". Companies can use the platform to evaluate their sustainability status and, thanks to the Group's own rating agency, can also have it certified. The platform offers an online self-assessment that is available worldwide and differentiates between over 35 sectors.
With helpful features such as the CO2 calculator, companies can calculate their emissions, while industry benchmarking shows opportunities for improvement.
In addition, the platform offers companies the opportunity to evaluate their entire supply chain in accordance with the regulations.
The validity of the questionnaire is ensured by the Group's rating agency.