October 2022

On Wednesday, October 12, the Italian Software Testing Forum was held in Milan; a day for leading software testing and digital experts to get together, organized by ITA-STQB and dedicated to the testing of software applications. The event is the most important of its kind held in Italy on software quality. More than 500 professionals joined the event to get insights and network.

CRIF was invited to speak at two of the three afternoon parallel sessions, focusing on the following specific topics:

  • State of the art and evolution of automation and the framework for continuous software quality
  • New trends, techniques and methodological approaches to software quality

Maria Francesca Emiliani - Senior QA Manager – and Dario Carmignani - Chief Technology Officer of IT Solutions at Inventia - took to the stage to talk about CRIF’s experience.

Concerning the section on the evolution of the framework for continuous software quality, Francesca talked about how Agile Test Management, in a highly distributed multi-country context such as the one in which the Global Technologies Test Factory operates, has been enhanced and supported by the introduction of a Test Management tool. This was a joint presentation with partner Quence and a sharing of best practices, confirming the validity of the testing methodologies used in the Global Technologies Test Factory.

In the section talking about new trends and methodological approaches to software quality, Dario explained the holistic approach to software quality adopted for Phygital solutions, where the Global Technologies Test Factory’s structured functional test is complemented by crowdtesting campaigns managed in partnership with Unguess to train video recognition algorithms, validate anti-counterfeiting technologies, and measure product usability.

This was the second time that CRIF had been invited to present its case history following the speech at Swiss Testing Days in June, confirming the quality of the testing implemented in Phyon through functional testing and crowdtesting.