Jakarta, December, 2020

Following the adoption of COSNext by CRIF D&B Philippines, companies in Indonesia can also now rely on the new CRIF Business Information platform.
COSNext allows users to collect and consolidate Business Information data of a whole Region within a single solution.

The strategic objectives of the platform are:

- Consolidation of data from multiple countries within a single data asset, on which to build products and solutions that enable regional offerings.
- Standardization of data collection processes, with opportunities for synergies between team operations, as well as effectively dealing with fluctuations in production volumes.
- Unified user experience at regional level, where CRIF assumes the role of regional player due to its direct presence in almost all Asian markets and facilitates regional agreements with major customers.

Indonesia represents the second major foray for CRIF after the Philippines, as it is about to realize the numerous benefits available through CRIF solutions adoption:

- Transition to CRIF's proprietary platform that is at the forefront of BI from a technological, operational, and security point of view.
- Technological innovation that facilitates data processing (automation in the digitization of financial statements and business register documents; consolidation of an internal Litigation database through web crawling)
- Higher-quality balance sheet data collection and greater value for the end customer, thanks to the use of the regional balance sheet scheme defined by the CRIF Rating Agency for Asia.
- Access to robust regional product offerings.

The platform was released on schedule thanks to the commitment of an extended team that contributed to the project, which has been developed entirely remotely. The team included PT VISI and CRIF D&B Philippines companies, CRIF Global Technologies IT division, CRIF’s Wordwide Competence Center, CRIF Rating Agency, as well as CRIF HUB in Singapore.