Insurance Companies

Non Performing Loans Servicing

Through CRIF Credit Servicing, CRIF operates as a Special Servicer to the Non-Performing Loan market in Italy. The team dedicated to due diligence and to the management of NPLs specializes in small/medium ticket, secured and unsecured portfolios.

CRIF Credit Servicing combines all the CRIF areas of excellence relating to credit management: Information (with the CRIF Information Core, the unique CRIF Group information assets), Outsourcing & Processing (Business Process Optimization, Real Estate Services, Collection), and Consulting & Solutions.

Integration between the various components of the service enables end-to-end solutions for the NPL market to be offered to credit institutions:

  • Market scouting: identifying “tailored” investment opportunities (“Best deals”);

  • Due diligence and assessment of NPL portfolios: with information enrichment and robust statistical models aimed at a complete and coherent understanding of the portfolio value both in the assessment and monitoring phases;

  • NPL management: with the definition and implementation of the most effective collection strategies through bulk legal and out-of-court processes to maximize the value of the NPL portfolio;

  • Support for NPL portfolio transfer, with the arrangement of transfers (exit strategies identified in outsourcing business plans) which help maximize balance sheet assets.