Insurance Companies

Credit Collection

CRIF COL is the CRIF Collection Outsourcing line, with a complete range of services from phone collection to legal debt collection. In Italy, CRIF COL manages over 1 million cases every year through a team of 450 specialist phone collection operators and a network of 90 field collectors, with complete national coverage.

CRIF COL offers its clients a complete range of advanced services for the outsourced management and prevention of unpaid debt.

Process consulting

CRIBIS Credit Management is able to support its clients in comprehensively reviewing their NPL management processes through the use of specific expertise gained in the market.
CRIBIS Credit Management offers its services as a ‘laboratory’ for specific testing, enabling clients to identify the best collection processes and solutions.

Portfolio Analysis

CRIBIS Credit Management offers its clients the skills and experience gained in the analysis and study of the composition of portfolios under management, with the aim of identifying the most effective contact actions, while at the same time maintaining the relationship with the customer.

Phone collection

The current operating structure of CRIBIS Credit Management is made up of 450 staff employed in phone collection activities. The team is divided by market, with specialist sub-groups depending on the type of client and product, based on the volume of accounts assigned and on the debt characteristics (amount, asset information, client type, age of credit).

Field  Collection

Field collection activities are based on the availability of a network of consultants who are able to operate across the country: this is one of the factors which distinguishes CRIBIS Credit Management.

Garnishment Management

CRIBIS Credit Management offers an Outsourcing Service for Garnishment Management, guaranteeing the following benefits:

  • Professionalism, efficiency and expertise
  • Significant reduction in the time spent on activities
  • Process efficiency
  • Specialization
  • Continuous monitoring


CRIBIS Credit Management is able to analyze, monitor and check the results attained from collection activities in real time through the use of a business intelligence platform. Using the most advanced statistical analysis tools, CRIBIS Credit Management generates risk-based models on an individual position level.