Hera Group: A state-of-the-art credit governance model for businesses

How multi utility Hera improved its credit KPIs and cost control from customer onboarding through collection.

CLIENT:Hera Group, is a multi-utility that operates mainly in Environmental services (waste collection and treatment), Energy services (distribution and sale of electricity and gas) and Water services.

NEEDS: To optimize the end-to-end credit process - from improved risk selection at origination to active portfolio monitoring and proactive & effective debt collection. Hera Group decided to invest significantly in credit management, taking action at all the key stages in the credit life cycle and creating a management model based on best practices within the market. The starting point was to understand the costs connected to credit management.

SOLUTIONA complete credit management solution, from customer account origination and management through debt collection, based on the CRIF Credit Solutions know-how, consultancy and technology.


  • Improved credit KPI and cost control;
  • Streamlined customer on-boarding and debt collection;
  • End-to-end credit processes, policies and systems;
  • Credit culture transformation and growth, including shared targets to reduce credit.

"We have made significant leaps forward in a short space of time, reducing credit costs, improving control, and improving the corporate culture focused on the importance of cash. Now we can predict the risk of non-payment right from the point of customer acquisition thanks to proactive credit management in all phases of the customer life cycle. Such an ambitious project was made possible thanks to the significant effort made within the company and the active involvement of the various teams involved, from Information Systems to the Legal Department and Market Managers. CRIF has definitely been an important partner in helping us reach our goals."

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