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Property Information

CRIF RES offers comprehensive solutions through its Real Estate Information suite for the retrieval and management of property information and for property credit collection. It carries out more than 400,000 information searches a year for over 70 clients comprising leading credit institutions.

CRIF has been operating in the property information market for more than 20 years, and thanks to it supply network distributed over the whole of Italy, it can inspect data from all the Land Registry Offices and courts around the country, enabling it to:

  • obtain a complete and up-to-date analytical description of properties belonging to natural persons and companies;
  • obtain information on the existence of legal situations that may have an influence on the value of a property or prejudice its transfer;
  • verify that there have been no changes to the property over time.

CRIF Real Estate Information can guarantee high quality property information thanks to the work of a network of operators covering the whole of Italy using standard criteria, as well as its specialized Quality Control office, which provides continuous support across all operational phases, checking data consistency and interpretation.

The particularly sophisticated software used enables the data to be checked during loading and verification, cross-checking with public information contained in centralized CRIF RES archives.

Property Information Search

The CRIF Property Information Search service enables a quick and accurate assessment to be carried out of the properties owned by a subject.

OPTIMA Legal Search

The OPTIMA Legal Search provides the information required for a complete advance analysis of the effectiveness and suitability of a collection action.

20-Year Reports and Notary Certification

The 20-Year Report service produces a document reporting the mortgage and land registry history over the last twenty years of a property.

Property Check

Automatic report that provides a real-time list of the properties belonging to a subject.