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Ecosystem Growth Platform

The evolution of the market toward open platforms is speeding up the match between supply and demand. In many industries, data are increasingly used to provide value-added services, ensuring a fast, easy and smart user experience.

Acting as digital aggregator, CRIF enables an ecosystem, a network of partners from different industries providing services aimed at anticipating customer needs and enabling a seamless end-to-end experience. CRIF enables this ecosystem through its unique assets made up of data, access to accounts, and advanced analytics.

INSP is CRIF’s Intelligent Network Services Platform, whose components are a balanced and unique mix of in-depth knowledge, connected information, and cutting-edge technology. It enables both relationship building, attracting and engaging the customer by offering the right service, at the right time and at the right price, and to acquire new clients.

Key features

INSP’s features allow partners to reach the next level:

  • Enriched - INSP enables partners to better integrate their services with others within the ecosystem, expanding their dataset to enhance analytics;
  • Widespread - it leverages CRIF’s role as a certified account information service provider in Europe and its worldwide presence;
  • Dynamic - INSP acts as a meeting point for new trade-flow creation;
  • Guarantor - it guarantees data protection and customer security.

Key benefits

The benefits of INSP are considerable:

  • It offers best-in-class financial management tools to your customers
  • it helps you enhance your customer knowledge
  • it is natively compliant with the regulations in force.
  • it allows you to identify and satisfy the unmet needs of your customers, giving them the right offer at the right time, at the right price.

Why choose the ecosystem powered by CRIF?

The ecosystem powered by CRIF is modular and scalable: you can shape your new business model by choosing the services you want within the platform according to your business priorities.
The ecosystem powered by CRIF is rich in content: it is ready to offer value-added services for companies and consumers, for creditworthiness evaluation and financial management based on both CRIF information and access-to-account capabilities, together with innovative digital onboarding and fraud prevention solutions.
Partners’ products and services can then be added and, with the prior consent of the end user, related information assets can also be used to enhance the customer experience.