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All the potential of open banking

Thanks to CRIF’s AISP license, valid in 31 countries, with CRIF Digital Next you can seize all the opportunities generated by PSD2 with a solution that allows you to access, aggregate and classify accounts from any bank within the European Union.

True open collaboration

CRIF Digital Next is a collaborative technology platform that allows you to orchestrate a truly open offer through an ecosystem of partners selected by you, as well as those integrated by CRIF using existing applications which also deal with the issue of sustainability.

An enabling platform

With CRIF Digital Next, you can build a state-of-the-art interface with your customers thanks to a technology augmented by artificial intelligence and a basket of value added content and services for both companies and consumers.

Already fully operational, the platform offers a range of continuously evolving innovative solutions, the result of investments and integrations with international hubs and Fintechs, and made available thanks to new generation APIs and Solutions as a Service.

A range of solutions to reach "The Next Level"


Customer Journey

A series of key functional areas for a cutting-edge customer journey for individuals and businesses: from customer onboarding to comprehensive identity management including in regulatory terms (KYC), to the account access and aggregation functions typical of PSD2.

PHYON - CRIF Phygital Onboarding

Open Credit

An Open Banking suite that allows you to access, aggregate and classify accounts from any bank within the European Union, and to open and manage credit in an even more inclusive and sustainable way with the reliability guaranteed by CRIF data and methodologies.

N.E.O.S. CRIF New Evolution Open Suite

Triggering and Real Time Marketing

A triggering and real-time marketing system based on the multi-dimensional interpretation of events and customer needs in real time.

Seamless integrations with CRIF Solutions

Business Financial Manager

CRIF Digital Next provides a true digital advisor for small and medium-sized enterprises, including as a white-label service, which supports businesspeople on crucial issues such as liquidity analysis, monitoring of invoice payments, balancing resources between different current accounts, and monitoring expenses through budgets by category and purpose.

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Green Home Services

CRIF Digital Next provides real estate and financial intermediaries with a comprehensive infrastructure of social and environmental solutions for Green services related to the purchase or energy upgrading of properties.

Open Insurance ecosystem

CRIF Digital Next offers insurance and bancassurance companies a digital infrastructure for the profitable development of the insurance business, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by PSD2 through its own services and those of Insurtech partners.


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CRIF Digital Next helps you to seize the opportunities generated by open business through an open collaborative technology platform and a basket of value added content and services for companies and consumers.

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