CRIF in the Philippines

Scoring Solutions

Fast & Reliable Decision Making with CRIF SPRINT.

The relevant and robust data you need to improve relationship, lower risk, make informed decisions and streamline operations across the customer lifecycle–only from CRIF Solution Hub.
Is a customer who they claim to be? Can they afford the credit they are asking for? Do they qualify for a service we provide? Are they about to leave us for a competitor? Lenders need to answer questions like these hundreds and thousands of times a day. You need to make decisions fairly and respond quickly. And to do that, you need a clear, complete picture of each individual customer. That is where CRIF comes in.
CRIF SPRINT distributes traditional credit repayment data from the CIC (Credit Information Corporation) under the RA9510 CISA law, and alternative data from trusted partners and combines it with CRIF’s country expertise to enable instant credit decisions. Every type of Lender - from small start-ups to multi-nationals – use this information to manage risk, understand customers and acquire more business. We offer a diverse set of credit reporting solutions and value-added features allowing you to gain a better understanding, highly predictive view of a consumer’s profile, covering both banked and unbaked, affluent, and emerging segments.

Credit information Reports
Know more about applicant before approving a loan using CRIFs comprehensive credit information reports. In addition to the application score of the applicant, these reports come with a Bureau score and approval advice, which enables automating decisions. The credit information reports are available for Consumer (Individuals) and Commercial (Non-Individuals) segment of applicants.
  • Portfolio Analysis
Review the risk associated with your existing portfolio of customers to enable better account and risk management and improve trend monitoring. Our Portfolio Analysis provides a comprehensive view of borrowers’ credit relationships across multiple lenders to help you assess off us/on-us share and performance. This gives you an opportunity to optimise your portfolio performance and implement strategies to retain and deepen relationships with your key customers.
  • Geographical Analysis
Analyze the range of products and services offered by a financial institution in a specific geographical area to get an in-depth look at the emerging trends in the credit landscape. On this basis, understand the target market and prepare for region-specific offerings.
  • Propensity Analysis
Integrate a smart system to foresee and preplan upcoming credit requirements by detecting trends and patterns in your client base.
  • Distribution, NPL and Growth Analysis
Keep your credit risk in check by getting a comprehensive outlook of the distribution of your non-performing loans to improve your profitable growth. The in-depth insights will prove to be helpful in eliminating any emerging high-risk exposures and pave your path towards growth by highlighting the most prevalent products and services geographically.

CRIF Advantage
  • More comprehensive: Application information plus additional individual credit information which further helps in credit decision making
  • More submitting entities: Includes financing companies, rural banks and credit cooperatives not previously taken into consideration
  • Bigger scope and coverage: Continuous expansion of new data, such as telco and insurance, to guarantee even more coverage
  • Alternative data and alternative score: Use the best alternative information and analytics to acquire and evaluate new-to-bank and new-to-finance prospects
  • No additional fees required: No membership fees
  • Channels: Access the solution anywhere and anytime (Web, API, batch and mobile enabled)