Real Estate Monitoring allows the continuous monitoring of variations to property assets of subjects to be completely outsourced to CRIF. CRIF will report the updated property situation each time there is a change. Thanks to access to the list of subjects from all national Land Registry Offices, it is possible to have a timely alert on any variations to real estate (records, registrations, annotations).

The services offered are as follows:

COMPLETE MONITORING of a single Land Registry Office

Immediate search. As soon as there are any subsequent changes to the subject list, the updated searches are sent automatically.

DEFERRED MONITORING of a single Land Registry Office

No initial search. As soon as the first change to the subject list occurs, a new search is carried out automatically. Then, for the subsequent alerts, any updated searches will be sent automatically.

LIGHT MONITORING, including on a national level

Alerts when changes to subject lists are verified at an individual Land Registry Office and also on a national level.

Key benefits:

  • Completeness of information: not only negative alerts but also invaluable information for the marketing department (for example, in relation to sales).
  • Timeliness in alerts to foresee problems, monitoring the first signs of difficulty without waiting for a negative event to occur.
  • National coverage.

Servizi Correlati

Property Infomation

CRIF RES offers comprehensive solutions through its Real Estate Information suite for the retrieval and management of property information and for property credit collection.

Property Information Search

The CRIF Property Information Search service enables a quick and accurate assessment to be carried out of the properties owned by a subject.

OPTIMA Legal Search

The OPTIMA Legal Search provides the information required for a complete advance analysis of the effectiveness and suitability of a collection action.

20-Year Reports and Notary Certification

The 20-Year Report service produces a document reporting the mortgage and land registry history over the last twenty years of a property.

Legal Services

CRIF supports the legal departments of banks and financial institutions in their legal credit collection activities and in clearly defining assets (real estate or personal property) that can be potentially be claimed.