A true digital advisor for consumers and SMEs.

Personal financial manager (PFM) and Business financial manager (BFM) allow financial services providers to create highly personalized customer experiences and drive revenues and retention.

PFM helps retail users improve their financial habits, whereas BFM is designed to meet the needs of companies, sole traders and freelancers, providing them with a financial control tool without requiring specific expertise and significant effort in terms of both cost and time to integrate an ERP solution.

Both solutions leverage a front-end that exposes users to categorized single and multi-account data, aggregated thanks to the open banking service, in order to identify critical financial points and find solutions by:

  • Setting spending limits
  • Achieving personal/business savings goals
  • Analyzing past and future cash flow projections
  • Managing company projects
  • Ingesting and reconciling electronic invoice data.

End-user engagement is improved thanks to the Insight Platform, a machine learning tool able to send notifications based on financial behavior and customer interaction with the front-end. It also uses digital channels to send notifications with a view to cross-selling using marketing automation logic.

CRIF offers an end-to-end proposition to fully unlock the potential of open banking thanks to: a modular platform accessible as a service via a white label app or API that leverages the CRIF Ecosystem solutions (account aggregation, categorization capabilities); the financial management platforms of Strands (a CRIF company); and CRIF's partnership with SIA, a European Leader in the implementation of payment services.