In order to support financial institutions in their objective of operating a profitable business and improving knowledge of their customers, CRIF provides omnichannel solutions, both automatic and manual, for accurate identification, risk assessment, anti-money-laundering and fraud management at the key stages of processes for B2B and B2C clients.

CRIF Identify

CRIF Identify enables financial institutions to verify the address of an individual by checking if the address is known in the CRIF database.

Verification Score

The CRIF Verification Score shows the level of knowledge about an individual at a given address. The result, displayed as a calculated score, is affected by the quality and quantity of the address sources.

AML-Info Check

The AML-Info Check indicates entries of individuals and companies on sanctions and PEP* lists (*politically exposed person) and also contains the CRIF Identify product.

Credit Check

The CRIF Credit Check (also called Order Check) assesses the payment default risk of companies and individuals by using a simple traffic light system. Based on several different sub-elements, one main decision is displayed. It creates the optimum match between products, prices, payment terms and credit limits during application processes.

Device Fingerprint

Conventional fraud solutions focus on personal account information. They review name, address and payment details of the costumer to verify their transactions. Yet these checks are not effective at preventing identity theft, compromised client devices and sophisticated hacking attacks.

Device Fingerprint, however, is a real-time fraud detection product. It is based on device interaction in online applications by leveraging an existing pool containing millions of devices. Unlike in conventional fraud solutions as described above, the tool analyzes the visitor’s device without taking into consideration personal information. Therefore, strong and effective prevention against any type of fraud, such as account registration, account use, account theft and transaction fraud, is guaranteed.

Fraud Suite

The CRIF Fraud Suite allows you to minimize fraud by analyzing all transactions for a large number of fraud patterns.

Fraud Prevention Outsourcing

CRIF Fraud Prevention Outsourcing is the complete package of CRIF’s fraud solutions and fraud prevention expertise. As an alternative to establishing your own fraud team for online applications and transactions, CRIF will take care of the whole fraud prevention process with a specialist team.

Decision Engines

With CRIF Decision engines, flexible decision-making in the online application or origination process has never been easier, especially for complex products and process landscapes or for fintechs with fast changing needs.

By providing clever decisioning solutions, CRIF ensures the agility required in this dynamic game-changing period, driving forward digitalization.

Analytics & Consulting

Within its analytics and consulting services, CRIF guarantees the use of its whole existing expertise and knowledge in the financial and fintech industry by involving a huge team of professionals to support companies in risk management.