CRIF helps banks make informed decisions as part of their daily business. For this, we provide comprehensive information, which is prepared in real-time for both business and private customers. In addition to identification data and negative payment behavior data, CRIF provides banks with additional important and detailed information, which is mainly used by sales and credit risk management. CRIF reacts promptly to new regulatory requirements in a timely manner and develops solutions on an ongoing basis so that banks can concentrate on their day-to-day business.

In addition to data, we offer decision-making solutions, which enable further process optimization and automation. Solutions for online contract conclusion and KYC checks complete the offer.

Video Identification

Video Identification for online authentication is already officially recognized by the regulators in some European countries and is therefore increasingly used by companies. In addition to leading banks, credit card companies and insurance companies, other industries also rely on this modern, location-independent and easy-to-use solution. Credit applications, for example, can be submitted, processed, approved and concluded within minutes using this new technology. The identification takes place regardless of the location and time via a smartphone, tablet or another Internet-enabled device with webcam.

Contract signing can also be carried out online, thanks to qualified electronic signatures (QES), which is one of the most reliable, convenient and secure methods to conclude a contract completely online and without breaks in media.

Know your Customer services

Thanks to the professional solutions provided by CRIF, financial institutions are able to perform legally required anti-money laundering (AML) and due diligence checks in order to carry out and document compliance-relevant processes.

  • Reliable identification using intelligent matching
  • Efficient reconciliation with sanctions and terror watch lists
  • Identification of Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)
  • Automatic identification of the Beneficial Owner (BO)
  • Risk assessment and categorization
  • Check on existing customers using a batch process involving whitelisting