Stay on top of portfolio risks and customer opportunities with the Customer Portfolio Management module of the CRIF Credit Management Platform.

The Customer Portfolio Management module of the CRIF Credit Management Platform, the complete platform covering the end-to-end credit value chain, allows you to monitor your customers and their underlying credit assets to then take prompt and effective actions to best manage risks and serve your customers’ needs so to grow your business soundly and delight your customers at the same time.

This module relies on the CRIF Data Model module, the credit database that summarizes the multi-year experience matured by CRIF consultants in conducting projects and delivering solutions in the credit arena.

With this module you can:

  • Monitor your portfolio for deeper customer insights and early risk detection
  • Proactively take the Next Best Action & Next Best Offer grabbing opportunities and  building customer loyalty at the same time
  • Comply with Basel requirements (PD, LDG, EAD, RWA, …)
  • Enforce workflow based assignment of action plans like Renew/Limit/Retain/Cross/Upsell, monitoring their execution according to configurable policies
  • Stay on top of ongoing risk management portfolio requirements, such as collateral management, in an efficient and effective way  
  • Leverage external and internal data sources as well as analytics for better results.